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Maybe it is the trial lawyer in him, or maybe Tim has an unquenchable desire to share and help others, but whatever drives him, Tim loves to speak to groups.  He treats every presentation as a closing argument—with passion, storytelling, visuals and conviction.  Whether it is a keynote address, a presentation at a law firm retreat, addressing law students, or a meeting of a legal organization, Tim will match his remarks to the audience.  Tim shares what he learned from a unique perspective as both a national trial lawyer in private practice and a General Counsel/client heading the worldwide Legal and Compliance functions for a major multinational corporation.  Among the many topics that Tim has addressed over the years include:

Leadership and Keys to Success in the Practice of Law

Five Keys to being a Happy and Fulfilling Lawyer

Ten Things I Wish I Had Known 20 Years Ago

Be an Effective AND Nice Lawyer—Civility and Professionalism

Ten Commandments for Business Development and Rainmaking

Storytelling in the Courtroom

How Diversity Looks, and Why It Counts

Executive Presence—What it Looks Like and How You Can Get It

Ten Commandments for Cross-Examination

Change and How You Can and Should Embrace It

Things You Need To Know as a Young Lawyer to be Successful

And many more.  Tim is adaptable and can create a presentation on a topic of your choosing.  The feedback on Tim's presentations has been uniformly stellar.

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