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Why do lawyers love the status quo?

Successful companies are innovative, which means they never stand still and are constantly changing to stay ahead of the competition.  When is that last time someone said that about your law firm or legal department?  Why is that?  Generally, the practice of law does not attract innovators.  It doesn't cultivate them.  We embrace the way things have always been.  In this article, I explore why lawyers in general are not change agents, and what you can do to become one.   

What is the most important leadership trait?

Thousands and thousands of books have been written on leadership.  Things can get confusing in all of that wordiness.  But it is really pretty simple.  Great leaders get along with others and get things done against all odds.  Collaboration and courage.  If you do these things well, you will attract and retain a great team, one that is inspired and passionate about your leadership.  In this article, originally published in a Leadership book published by the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, I dig more deeply into these two critical traits.  

ANOTHER Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination?

Many years ago, when I was actually trying cases, I wrote an article on the Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination for the FDCC Quarterly.  I thought Irving Younger's original Ten Commandments needed a little updating.  People seemed to like it, and it was cited by several practitioners I respect.  I'm don't think that basic principles of trial advocacy ever get old, so I'm submitting it for your review and consideration.


Do you want to thrive in the 21st Century?

A few years ago, while president of the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, I created a Task Force to study what it took for lawyers to succeed in the 21st Century.  As an adjunct to that process, I wrote an article that reflected my dual roles of being a retained outside counsel and a General Counsel/client. I identified the three rules that will dictate success for practicing lawyers during the turbulent times.  As we move through the early years of this century, I thought they might be instructive. 

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